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Focus on what you are best at – and we take care of the rest. Here is how we support you with our broad range of services.


ManCo Services

Focus on your core competencies

We provide the infrastructure, substance and capital for UCITS and AIFs in four different fund domiciles


  • Substance
    Duly regulated corporate structure - experienced local staff - provision of conduction officers - interaction with regulator
  • Risk management
    Industry leading risk management process - broad/sophisticated monitoring functions - state-of-the-art compliance - internal audit
  • Supervision of delegated services
    Monitoring of all parties involved - initial and on-going due diligence
  • Reporting
    Regulatory reporting - production of (semi-) annual reports - filing to authorities - tax reporting
  • ManCo Plus
    Domiciliation - corporate secretary - directorship services

Fund Engineering Services

Obtain a tailor-made fund solution

With our Fund Engineering Services we offer you more than just setting up a fund. We take care of the following tasks – tailor-made and adjusted to your needs


  • Legal and tax engineering
    Selecting the ideal legal and tax structure together with the client - implementing the fund – from the design to the approval by the regulator to the effective launch - setting up all fund documents - interaction with the regulator and lawyers - negotiating and establishing contractual relationships with all parties involved
  • Operations engineering
    Definition and operational setup of new fund structure - establishing connectivity to investment managers - defining and implementing all operational processes and reports
  • Project and life cycle management
    Project lead of client’s onboarding - fund launch and all corporate actions - updating all legal documents

Distribution and Marketing Services

Grow your fund assets

We help you in distributing your fund


  • Distribution support
    Advisory on distribution strategy - it’s establishment and implementation - provision of access to a global distribution network and distribution agreements
  • International registration
    Registration and notification/passporting in over 36 countries - provision of access to existing network of service providers such as paying agents and local representatives - tax reporting
  • Marketing support
    Provision of monthly factsheets and KIIDs - fund performance reporting and internet based information platform 

    Investment Management Services

    Profit from GAM’s investment management capabilities

    We are a global asset management firm – built by investors for investors – and therefore understand your needs and your goals as an asset manager. Our investment management services for our Private Labelling clients include:


    • Share class currency hedging
    • Rebalancing and execution of asset allocations
    • Implementation of derivatives based strategies (such as Total Return Swaps)
    • Full investment management by GAM – “White Labelling”

    Custody Fund Admin and Transfer Agency

    Get access to world leading service providers

    GAM has outsourced fund administration - transfer agency and custody functions to third party service providers. Our outsourcing model applies to all our Private Labelling funds as well as in-house GAM funds.


    We have implemented a comprehensive internal controls and performance monitoring model in order to supervise all delegated functions and thus to mitigate any risks implied by a partly outsourced operating model.

    Benefit from access to some of the world’s leading service providers.