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Why Swiss Equities?

GAM Swiss Equities

  • Swiss companies are businesses with truly global exposure, with a long history of international success, backed by Switzerland’s political, legal and cultural stability.

  • Swiss stocks have a diversified revenue mix – much more geared to growth in the US and Asia than to Europe, enabling you to buy a global portfolio with exposure to higher growth regions, such as emerging markets, offering the potential of more attractive earnings growth and improving margins.

  • Switzerland’s political and cultural framework is a highly supportive of business growth. The Swiss economy is one of the most stable in the world, while the hard Swiss franc effectively drives operating efficiency across businesses.

  • Swiss companies provide quality growth potential, driven by the country’s focus on innovation, with many leading Swiss firms major beneficiaries of globalisation.

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Award Winning

GAM is delighted to have won the coveted 2024 €uro Fund Awards for its Swiss Equities strategy. The award honours the funds and ETFs that have achieved the best, second-best, and third-best performance in their investment category over 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 years.

Investment Team

GAM Swiss Equity is led by Thomas Funk, Daniel Häuselmann, and Dr. Karl Herzog. Each team member has over 20 years experience in the Swiss stock market and over 15 years’ tenure with GAM.

The team’s location in Zurich enables them to conduct their own in-depth research onsite and generate their own insights, independent of external research providers. The team is responsible for research, portfolio management, trading and risk management. However, an independent risk oversight function is performed additionally by GAM’s risk teams.

In 2024, pricing power will become even more important
Thomas Funk
Investment Director
Daniel Haeuselmann
Head of Swiss Equities
Karl Herzog
Sustainable Systems Expert

Latest articles

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Active Thinking: Applying Swiss precision to a global investment opportunity set
23 February 2024

Swiss companies’ reach is probably more global than you realise. Daniel Häuselmann discusses how a combination of Switzerland’s stability and mindset of excellence through innovation have helped Swiss companies to become leaders on the world stage.

Investment Opinions

17 min read

The Swiss franc – A blessing and a curse
07 February 2024

Thomas Funk, Investment Director, portfolio manager of Swiss Equities, analyses whether the structural growth of Swiss companies in the coming years will also be reflected in an increase in Swiss franc profits, despite the real appreciation of the franc.


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